About Us

About Us

Engaging people in relationships where Christ transforms.

Asbury Church is a local congregation of The United Methodist Church; we welcome you to learn more about who we are and what we believe.

We value:

  • Welcoming Unconditionally. We’ll warmly welcome anyone without reservation or judgment, no matter their life stage, faith journey, or socioeconomic status. We believe all people matter to God, so they matter to us.
  • Growing Biblically. Believing God’s word requires a response and is essential to our understanding of faith, we work diligently to keep scripture at the center of spiritual growth opportunities at Asbury.
  • Connecting Authentically. We’ll strive to recognize the disconnected in our church body and community, create and resource connection points for them, and strengthen the connections of those who are already engaged. Because we believe life is meant to be lived in community with others, spurring one another on.
  • Supporting Family. We will emotionally, spiritually, and physically support and strengthen the families in our church community. Equipping them to not only know, understand, and live God at church but to also do so at home, building a strong foundation for future generations.
  • Serving Compassionately. We strive to invite each person at Asbury into local and global acts of service so that we may have Christ’s servant heart formed in us as we give ourselves away for the sake of others.
  • Giving Generously. We endeavor to embrace generosity in our life together as we invest in the needs and challenges of the local community and our ministry partners around the world. We know generosity changes lives – ours and the people we are serving.

We view our calling as Christ followers as a journey of obedience in the same direction over the long haul. To ensure that we are challenging ourselves and each other, we have developed mission measures to encourage ongoing movement towards Christ. Our mission measures are questions for reflection both individually and corporately designed to help us abide as we are called to do in John 15.

  • What am I talking to Jesus about?
  • When have I dug into God’s story?
  • How have I shared generously?
  • What have I risked to serve?
  • How have I sought to be self-emptied and Spirit-filled?
  • When have I engaged in transforming relationships?
  • Am I anyone’s 2 am friend?