Announcement of Pastoral Change

Announcement of Pastoral Change

Earlier this year we announced that, as is often customary for the United Methodist Church, there will be a pastoral change as Asbury Church. This summer, we will receive a new pastor and our current pastor, Tom Newman, will accept a new appointment. Pastors in the UMC live into a calling to “itinerant ministry,” meaning they are called to serve in the churches in which the Bishop and District Superintendent believe most need their gifts and graces in this time and place.

This week, Bishop Hope Morgan Ward and the NC Conference Cabinet appointed our next pastor to Asbury. Pastor Jonathan Jeffries will be joining us on June 23rd. He and his wife Heather will come for a covenant visit to meet the Leadership Board in the next few weeks. And, next month, he will join members from the Leadership Board at the Transition Seminar hosted by the Conference in Garner. We will share more about ways to welcome and connect with him later this Spring.

We continue to thank to God for the ministry of Tom Newman, who has served us as our teacher and spiritual guide and will continue to do so throughout this spring. Please continue to pray for him and his family as he prepares for this transition.

On behalf of the entire Leadership Board, thank you for your support and prayers as we move into this time of transition and work out the details to come. Will you please join in prayer for the leadership of Asbury?

Lord Jesus Christ, we give thanks for the gift of life together at Asbury. Through the Holy Spirit you call women and men into the ministry of your church. We thank you for our pastor, Tom Newman, and pray for continued blessing upon his life and the life of his family. We thank you for Jonathan who will soon come to lead us. Prepare him and prepare each of us for this new season of ministry. We offer this prayer in confidence as children of the Living God. Amen.