Asbury School of Music

Asbury School of Music

Asbury School of Music is Closing its Doors in November

A note from the Director:

Asbury School of Music has been providing the best musical education to our community for twenty years now. It has been my honor and privilege to be a part of it for the past fifteen.  I am retiring at the end of this year; the leadership of Asbury Church has decided not to replace me.  So Asbury School of Music will give its last music lessons on November 17 2017.

Can I still sign up for lessons?

Yes. Most of our teachers will be continuing to teach once they leave Asbury. So, you can still sign up; there will just be a transition in November.

What if I am already taking lessons? Will I pay for all of November?

No. Some students have 2 lessons in November, some have 3. Your drafts will be pro-rated accordingly.

I have been blessed by the incredible people who have come through Asbury School of Music. We have had the best teachers–both in teaching skill and character and I am honored to have known them.  The  students I have had have been dear to my heart. What a wonderful thing it has been to be a part of their growth as musicians and people.  I am grateful to Asbury church for its support and especially to the amazing people on the music school board throughout the years. You have sustained me as we have walked together.

Thank you all and may God continue to richly bless you!

James Byron


All of our instructors are degreed professionals who have experience teaching how to play music, how to read music and how to understand the theory behind it all. We have good success with children and adults.

Tuition & Registration

Asbury School of Music – Registration Please read this information carefully before you complete the registration form at the end of this page. In order to encourage the reading of all policies, the link to the registration form is available at the bottom of this page. Tuition – Individual Lessons Monthly tuition is $104.00. Lessons are on a month to month…

Contact Us

We are located in the North Building at Asbury Church, 6612 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh, NC 27613 To get to Asbury School of Music from the: South from the Glenwood Avenue/Crabtree area, proceed north on Creedmoor Rd past Millbrook Road and Lynn Road. Asbury is on the right side of the road. North proceed south on Creedmoor Road past the Stonehenge shopping center. Turn left…
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