Tuition & Registration

Tuition & Registration

Asbury School of Music – Registration

Please read this information carefully before you complete the registration form at the end of this page. In order to encourage the reading of all policies, the link to the registration form is available at the bottom of this page.

Tuition – Individual Lessons

Monthly tuition is $104.00. Lessons are on a month to month basis–there is no yearly commitment. If you need to suspend lessons, just notify us in writing or via email (see suspension policy below) before the next draft date and we will take care of it for you. If you decide to come back later, just notify us in writing or via email and we can restart you. It’s that simple.

You pay the same amount every month regardless of holidays etc. because we average tuition based on a 45 week year.

Family Discounts

For families with two students taking lessons, there is a discount of $10.00 per student off the regular tuition. Monthly tuition comes to $188. For families with three or more students taking lessons, there is a discount of $15.00 per student. Monthly tuition for 3 students would be $267.00.

The first month’s tuition must be paid by check at the time of registration. In order to complete registration, the first month’s tuition must be paid in advance by check. Subsequent tuition payments will be made a month in advance by auto draft to the customer’s checking account.

The first month’s check will be used to set up secure auto draft through our online processing company. Your information will not be shared with anyone else for any reason.

The monthly tuition for 30 minute lessons is $104.00. Some instructors offer 45 minute lessons and/or 60 minute lessons–tuition for them are $154 and $204 per month respectively. You and your instructor can decide together what is best for you.

How We Draft Your Account

We draft one month in advance. Your initial check covers the first full calendar month. Your first draft is for the next calender month. The first draft will also include a one time draft for lessons taken prior to the beginning of the first calendar month.

For example: You sign up for lessons starting in the middle of September. Your check covers the entire month of October. Your first draft covers the month of November plus the lessons taken in September. This way you only have to write one check to get started regardless of when you start or which draft date you choose.

Bank Processing Deadlines

Payments must be received at least 5 business days before the draft due date to meet the bank processing deadlines. Payments received after the deadline will mean that your first draft will be set up for the following month and it will be for 2 months plus any other prior lessons taken. The same deadlines apply if you need to suspend lessons. Make sure and give us notice at least 5 business days ahead of your draft date to avoid paying for an extra month.

First Payment

Once you have completed the online registration, your first check should be mailed to:

Asbury School of Music
6612 Creedmoor Rd
Raleigh, NC 27613

OR, you can bring your registration and check and put it in the registration box outside the School of Music Office.

Please note:

Registrations will be processed in the order received, returning students first. Registrations that do not include the first full month’s payment will not be processed. Your instructor will contact you some time during the week after you register to confirm your registration and to explain any other pertinent details.

Refund Policy

A full refund will be made if we are unable to place a student at a time that is acceptable to both student and instructor.
No refunds will be given once classes have started.

Suspending Lessons

Should you need to suspend lessons, temporarily or permanently, you must notify the school via email or in writing. This is required by our bank as authorization to suspend drafts. Notifying your instructor is not sufficient and may result in additional drafts that you will be responsible for. Voicemail is also not sufficient. The only acceptable way to suspend drafts is via email or in writing. Make sure and give us notice at least 5 business days ahead of your draft date to avoid paying for an extra month.

Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather, check the website or call (919) 844-5283 for closure information. Weather closures will not necessarily coincide with the Wake County Public School closures.


There will be no make-up lessons for missed lessons or holidays unless the missed lesson was due to a teacher absence. All unscheduled teacher absences will be made up or other arrangements will be made at the discretion of the school director. There will be no make-up lessons for weather related closures. Our holidays are as published and do not necessarily track with your school’s schedule. However, since there are so many Monday holidays, Monday students can arrange for make ups for up to three lessons at their discretion.

School Holidays

The school will observe the following holidays:

  • Monday, April 10-14 Spring break
  • Monday, May 29 Memorial day
  • Monday – Friday, June 12-16 Summer Break
  • Monday – Friday, July 3 – 7 Independence week
  • Monday, Sept 4 Labor Day
  • Monday – Friday, Nov 20 – 24
  • Last Teaching Day for year Dec 15

Since there are so many Monday holidays, Monday students may schedule 3 make up lessons at their discretion.

Safe Environment Policy

ASM strives to provide a safe environment for students. Our policies are such that:

  • All instructors shall have a background check on file prior to employment.
  • All music teaching rooms shall have an unblocked window through which lessons can be observed. Individual lessons are one on one between student and instructor, however, parents/guardians are granted unrestricted access at all times.
  • The parent or guardian of students under the age of 16 shall accompany the child to the door of the lesson classroom and leave them with the instructor.
  • Parents or guardians must return prior to the end of the lesson to receive the student. Any student not picked up by the end of the lesson will be required to be within sight of the instructor until they are picked up. There will be a late fee of $10 for late pickups.

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