Praise the LORD.Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. ~Psalm 106:1

Every Thanksgiving Day, I watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade with my family while helping to prepare that day’s feast. I remember taking my oldest daughter years ago to see the parade in NYC and watching her enjoy it with our extended family. Even though I prefer to witness the parade on TV, it was a memorable day that I will always treasure. I am thankful for that.

Today, I’m aware of the fact that life is better than I deserve, which is saying something these days. The world is full of pain and suffering, hardship and turmoil, disappointment and regret. So, the fact that I can be thankful and mean it is, in its own way, a small miracle.

I’m learning there is a responsibility that comes with privilege. That I am blessed to bless. Gifted to give. I am not lucky, fortunate, or merely disciplined; I am expected to do something with the grace I’ve been given. And so are you.

When I was younger, I didn’t understand gratitude like I do now. In a world that seemed to hurt for no reason, giving thanks felt disingenuous. Living in a world where children die of hunger every day, it just didn’t make sense to me. But now I understand. Being grateful is a choice. So today, I chose to make thankfulness a top priority.

Will you join me in “A Prayer of Thanks”?  (© By M.S.Lowndes)

I just want to express, Lord,
My deepest gratitude,
For your abundance overflows
Into everything I do

I give thanks to you, my Lord,
For your mercy and your grace
And your unfailing love for me
Through the many things I’ve faced

I thank you, precious Jesus,
For always protecting me
In all my comings and my goings,
Your hand has covered me

I give you thanks, O God,
For the beauty that I see
In all that you’ve created, Lord,
It truly amazes me

But so much more than this,
I thank you, precious Lord,
For saving me from what I was,
The life I knew before

I can’t help but praise you
For all you are to me,
My God, my Saviour and closest friend,
The giver of life indeed.