Beneath the Music; the Music Beneath – Stewardship

Beneath the Music; the Music Beneath – Stewardship

~submitted by Eric Grush, Director of Traditional Worship

As we focus on stewardship, I would like to share some music that speaks to me.  Just as there are many ways to worship and to serve God, there are many styles of music to express our desire to worship and serve God.  I invite you to take 15 minutes to read this post, listen to this music, and think about what you can give to God.

During communion at Traditional Worship on Feb. 1, the choir and I sang “Just As I Am” as worshippers came forward.  The hymn was written in 1834 by Charlotte Elliott, a woman left crippled by illness.  She wrote over 150 hymns, this being the best known.

In a recent staff meeting, Kevin led us in singing Crowder’s  “Come As You Are”.  In it we hear God telling us it does not matter how guilty or ashamed we feel. We can always come to God just as we are.

I confess to being obsessed with Disney. Recently I heard a piece on NPR about how the song “Let it Go” from Disney’s movie “Frozen”, has become an inspirational anthem for those with disabilities.  The voice of Idina Menzel (famous from Broadway’s Rent and Wicked, as well as TV’s Glee) sings of letting go of shame and embracing who we are and can be.

Charlotte Elliott, Crowder, Idina Menzel – aren’t they all saying basically the same thing?  God wants us just as we are and does not care what we cannot do. God asks us what we CAN do.

Here is a sneak peak of what the choir is doing during traditional worship on March 10. During Asbury’s stewardship focus, our anthem (pun intended) is “This Little Light of Mine”.

As you watch, think about how you can be a steward of God’s kingdom and let your light shine on others.