Virtual VBS

Virtual VBS

Contact us at: crista@asburyraleigh.org or liz@asburyraleigh.org

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A Special Message From Ms. Crista–

We are excited to empower you to lead your kids in their relationship with God as you choose to participate in our virtual VBS! We hope that you will have fun and learn more about them as well as continue building your relationship with them. I love that we are challenging them to focus, I hope that you will also focus on who God has made them to be as adults and not just who they are now as kids.

As a parent of 4 myself, I applaud you for making this effort! I can relate to how hard this can be sometimes when your best laid plans don’t go as you thought they would. Don’t let that make you quit. You are doing great and there is no one who is better equipped to lead your kids than you! God gave them to you for a reason.

After years of working with kids, I want to encourage you in a couple of ways.

1.     Try to be in the correct headspace when you are doing these activities with your kids. I call it “Camp counselor mode” vs Parent mode. Try to remember that you are there to have fun with them, listen to and relate to them as if they were at camp vs worrying about them messing things up or being perfect.

2.     It might be good if you find a space that is your “VBS zone.” Whatever that might look like for you so that you can focus on your time with them and not be distracted by the dirty dishes in the sink, etc..  (Told you I struggle with these things too!!)

3.     Know that you can do this however is best for you. The video links will be there for you to click on when you want, and when you are ready. So if that is first thing in your day, later after a nap or random based on how the day is going – all options are fine because that is what works for you! Check that out after you finish reading this. You can feel free to watch the videos as often as you like and as many times as you’d like.

4.     We have included some extra things in your bags that we know are fun kid things. Use these to help them focus if needed. For example, “you can play with the playdough after we have our sharing time together” or make up a fun game, like making glasses out of the playdough, or writing an encouraging message on your driveway with the chalk that reflects the lesson, etc. Here is a list of the extra things that we included, so that you can decide when/if you want to give them to the kids and so that you will know they are not linked to any particular lesson.

Ollie Beach BallFocus Bracelet
Ollie Activity BookFocus Tattoo
Sidewalk chalkColoring Pages
Ollie TattooBubbles
BubblesSidewalk Chalk

Liz and I are here for you if you have questions or if things are not clear to you. You will start with the folder and it should be clear as to how to proceed. If not, let us know. You can email us at Crista@asburyraleigh.org OR Liz@asburyraleigh.org

Elementary parents – Please be aware that there are small mirrors in your bags. These are breakable (they are mirrors and made of glass), and some are square (it was all I could get) and so you might need to be careful with them and/or take them out of your bags before little fingers start searching through the bags.

*Pickup for your Bags is THIS SATURDAY OR SUNDAY June 27 or 28 from 11am-1pm at Asbury Church, 6612 Creedmoor Road. We will be set up between the 2 buildings and you can plan to drive through to get your bags. If you need an alternative pickup day, please let me know and we can make arrangements for that.

Lastly, I would love your feedback on how this experience goes for you. We will be sending out a survey at the end of July to try and gain some insight into how it was. Also, please let us know if there are other ways that we can be better supporting you, your family and your kids during this covid crazy time. I truly would love to hear from you!


Click Here To See All The VBS Videos!