Doing Our Part

Doing Our Part

This past Sunday, we took part in another successful Rise Against Hunger meal packaging event. The morning started with an inspiring worship service outside in our courtyard. It was beautiful and the sun shone down us aplenty, which sent quite a bit of of our worshipers to seek shade under the only oversized tree we have on that side (some even use umbrellas)! Pastor Tom shared an awesome message (click here to watch) and, afterwards, we piled into the North Building to begin the fun. We worked hard, laughed alot, and snacked on plenty of hot dogs and chips! In just under 3 hours, we packaged 80,000 meals!

What a joy to see kids work alongside the adults as we carried out a mission to help end world hunger by 2030. There was a job for all ages, from being a “runner”, to funneling ingredients into the package (rice goes last), to weighing the packs, to sealing and packing the final product up in boxes. The excitement was definitely high and the energy was contagious as the music flowed out of the speakers and into the atmosphere. You can watch the process from beginning to end right here!

So, I am sure you are wondering if global hunger can really be eliminated by 2030. Well, Rise Against Hunger believes that it can and Asbury Church is on board! We learned on Sunday that the United Nations believes it’s possible too which is why in 2015, they committed to ending global hunger by 2030 as one of 17 sustainable development goals approved by member nations.

Last year, Asbury Church reached an important milestone and packaged a total of 1,000,000 meals since we started many years ago. This year, we began to work on our second million and we are excited to know that our community is working together to make an expanding world impact in partnership with Rise Against Hunger. It was shared with us that the food we packaged on Sunday will most likely go to Nicaragua or Mozambique! We are blessed to learned that our efforts will be felt thousands of miles away.

We look forward to our next meal packaging event in 2020 and pray those who joined us will come again and we will have new friends join us as well! Take a moment to enjoy some of the photo highlights of the weekend!

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