Don’t Miss Out

Don’t Miss Out

Have you ever had those moments in your life when you think to yourself, “I wish I would have…….”  We reflect on those moments, and wonder what could have been. We use crafty excuses to justify passing on an opportunity we may be faced with like:

  • “I’m busy!”
  • “This isn’t the right time in my life.”
  • “What will people think?”
  • “This seems way to difficult.”
  • “I’m scared of failing.”

excusesHave you ever used an of these excuses? If not, what one did you use?  To be honest, I’ve used all of these reasons to talk myself out of opportunities.  Why? The opportunity in front of me was uncertain. The path was leading me into uncharted territories and I didn’t want to leave my warm and cozy comfort zone.  I knew if I ventured out into uncertainty, I would be risking failure and embarrassment.  It’s sad. I missed out on things in this life that I didn’t have to.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Sometimes we need to be inspired or pushed along the way to take hold of opportunities, which sit before us, waiting for us to move.

When I reflect on something that might not have been, my mind turns to an important figure, Moses. He led a group of people out of slavery, and the crazy thing about Moses is that he didn’t want the opportunity God was putting before him. He didn’t want to lead the people or confront Pharaoh about the oppression of the Israelites.  He had one excuse after the next and he tried real hard to get God to find someone else.  His first excuse was one that I think most of us can identify with, so let’s take a look…

But Moses protested to God, “Who am I to appear before Pharaoh? Who am I to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt?”” Exodus 3:11

Right after God gave him the pep talk of his life, Moses responds with, “Who am I?” Why would Moses start with this excuse? Well, Moses had a past that he was ashamed of and he thought of himself as being unusable.  I am sure that Moses is not the only one who has ever felt that way.  When opportunity lands within our reach, instead of looking forward, we look back at where we’ve been, and it stops us in our tracks. My friends, I want you to know that our past doesn’t have to stop us.  When God heard Moses utter those words, He had a simple response for him:

God answered, “I will be with you.” Exodus 3:12

This is what I love about our God. He has our back even when we don’t deserve it.  God will continually use us to do great things in this life, and give us opportunities despite our personal failings. Why? Because our God is a God of second, third, fourth (and so on) chances. He is the same God who sent Jesus to Earth years later, on a rescue mission to save the world when the world didn’t deserve to be saved. That’s our God!

He is also the God who will push through our excuses to help us seize opportunities that we might have passed on.  In the verses that follow Exodus 3:13, Moses offers up three additional excuses to God and pleads with Him to find someone else. It’s quite remarkable that Moses almost passed up an opportunity to lead a group of people out of slavery. Because he said ‘yes’, Moses became one of the most important figures in history to both Jews and Christians alike. But, he almost missed it!

dont miss outWhat opportunities are knocking on your door? What uncharted territories lie in front of you?  Does the path seem uncertain?  Just like Moses, we serve a God who says over and over again, I am with you. God is with you, and He really does want the best for you. It doesn’t mean it will be easy, or that you will be free from failure in life.  What it means, is that when you take that step in the right direction, down a path that is uncertain, you have a God who is leading the way for you.  You are never alone. God is with you so don’t miss out.


~Submitted by Andy Mannes, Asbury Church’s Youth Pastor