eBulletin for October 25

eBulletin for October 25

Sunday, October 25th – Worship on LiveStream at 9:30am

THINK: Speak the Truth
Colossians 3:9-10
Rev. Dr. Jonathan Jeffries
It is easy for words to flow from our mouths. Are the words we speak fact or opinion? Do our words tend to be accurate? Do we ever tell a flat out lie? Lies or untruth can lead to gossip. Lies or untruths can hurt others. This week we reflect on whether our words are true and how we might find blessing if we will THINK Before we speak.

The scriptures teach us that words hold power. As we seek to grow by sharing the good news through all the world we need to consider the power of our words. As we look around we see the impact words can have from media personalities, celebrities, politicians and others with clout and power. Scripture teaches that with our tongues we can dole out great blessing or great pain and destruction. All of us have said something we regret, and we have probably spoken words in a way we regret. And yet, our words can have a great impact on our relationships and as we strive to build up God’s Kingdom. In this series, we will use the acronym THINK to reflect on our words and discover how we can be at our best when it comes to using our tongues to be Christian witnesses in our world. The key to doing this is to ‘Think Before You Speak.’

Highlights This Week:

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Worship On Campus or Online

We’re excited to have you on campus! Reserve seats for indoor worship online anytime at http://asburyraleigh.eventbrite.comAll services are posted through November! If you need help, e-mail jen@asburyraleigh.org.

  • 8:30am Outdoor Worship in the Amphitheatre – we can seat over 100 with social distancing. Abbreviated service with 2 praise songs and a sermon.
  • 9:30am Contemporary – Indoor and LiveStream – Praise Band with 4-5 songs and Sermon – Kids Ministry Starts in November!
  • 11am Traditional – Indoor and posted to YouTube – Piano, Anthems, Hymns, Children’s Time, and Sermon

Mark your calendars for our Fall Fellowship Night on October 30th from 5 to 8pm. It is going to be different this year, but lots of fun!

We will have a food truck benefiting a great cause, games for the kids, a scavenger hunt, a viewing of the “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” and much more. We hope that you will come, wear a costume if you want to and be sure to wear our masks for the safety of ourselves and others. Bring a chair and be ready for an evening of socially distant community engagement and fun!

Love BBQ? Us, too! During our fall festival, we will be partnering with Raleigh’s first give back food truck. “And Also With ‘Cue” food truck serves excellent wood-smoked BBQ and sides while providing an opportunity for us to care for our neighbors. 40% of monthly profit goes towards meals to hungry local neighbors in the downtown area. You eat, you give. Everybody eats, everybody wins. 

You will have the opportunity to fill shoe box(es) with necessities and toys to bless children around the world and share the Gospel with them! Check out all the details for pickup or have boxes delivered to your porch.

Do you Love hand bell music for the Advent and Christmas season? Can you Count to 4? Do you have some time on Sundays? Eric would love to have you join us for our hand bells in worship on December 13! We will rehearse for just 4 weeks starting November 8th – the more players the merrier!(We will be spread out and masked for rehearsals and in worship) Contact eric@asburyraleigh.org if you’re interested!

Would you like to get prayer concerns as they happen throughout the week? Our Prayer Partners Email List is a list of members of the Asbury Community who wish to be sent prayer concerns as they occur throughout the week. This is a separate list that will get emails as needed throughout the week to be in prayer as concerns arise. You can click to join this list on our website.


We are excited to announce that we are planning a staggered approach to in person Kid’s ministry at Asbury. Starting on the first Sunday in November, we will have in person services for Elementary aged kids only (K – 5th grade). We be requiring pre-registration through the Eventbrite site, the same as adults do to register for church. There will be temperature checks at the door, face masks required for all and smaller class sizes. We will also have a new check in/out procedure where parents drop off and pick up their kids in the lobby or outside so that we can limit the number of people in the kid min area. We plan to add in preschool next if all goes well with this phase. Big thanks to the leaders willing to be a part of this reopening. If you wish to help with kids ministry or have questions, please email crista@asburyraleigh.org

We need help with Meals!Bring a meal to a person/family in need after surgery or life event. Asbury has three meal teams. Your commitment would most likely mean only one meal every 3-4 months or less. To join a team contact Faye Biffert at fbiffert@att.net. These meals have been called “God’s hands and feet in action!” – Come be a part of it!

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Could you help Asbury Church out and take a few minutes to write a 5-star review on Google? (And maybe even a few more minutes to copy it to our Facebook or Yelp?)Why? Because Google ranks “Churches near me” or “Churches in Raleigh NC” by the number of 5-star reviews we have. We get better rankings for the ones with a few sentences, too. But the rating itself can make a big difference. Can you share a few reasons why you are here at Asbury for others to hear? One of the best ways to connect to a church is through the words and testimonies of people who are already there and attending.

Not every church in our area is meeting in person, and many aren’t having Christmas Eve Services. As we know people might be Googling us in the coming weeks – NOW is the time to get our ratings and reviews in place. Can you take a few minutes and be part of helping Asbury reach those who are looking for Jesus in this last quarter of 2020?Put a Review on GooglePut a Review on FacebookPut a Review on Yelp