Outdoor Worship at 8:30am

Outdoor Worship at 8:30am

Join us for a shortened Outdoor Worship Service at Asbury Church!

We will begin at 8:30am in the Amphitheatre. Bring chairs if you have them to help us maximize space and seating. We will have a few songs and a sermon so that worship leadership can be ready to continue the 9:30am LiveStream as well.

We ask that all who attend are mindful of social distancing. While masks are not required during worship if distancing is in place, we recommend having them if you are in conversation before or after the service.

Watch this event and www.asburyraleigh.org for and weather related updates.

See the most recent eBulletin at www.asburyraleigh.org/blog

Open The Gates

Verse 1
Our praise awaits You with the dawn
Our souls awake to You and lift a song

Verse 2
We’ve seen the things that You have done
And still we know the best is yet to come
There’s more to come

Open the gates and let Your glory come down
Open our hearts and let our worship pour out

Verse 3
Your presence here is all we need
You break our chains with sounds of victory
You’re changing everything


Come flood this space No one else could take Your place
Come have Your way
No one else could take Your place

CCLI Song # 7105437

I Need You
Verse 1
Like David I’ll sing
In the valleys and caves of this dark earth
Like Moses I’ll walk through the waters
That seem like they won’t part
I’ll lift up my voice
And sing all the notes that I know to
It may lack directions
It may sound a bit out of tune

I just need You
Oh I need You
I just need You
(Oh I need You)

Verse 2
Like Jonathan’s son
I may be crippled with no hope
Like the woman at the well
I’m not sure which water to swallow
Like Saul who can’t see
And Paul who believed I will have a past
Like a child that’s tired
I may need to climb on Your back

What if it’s hard to believe every word that You say
Will You turn Your back will You let me walk away
There’s times that I doubt
And times I believe You’re the one
So give me Your grace
And strengthen my legs for the run

CCLI Song # 6280905