Faith Not Fear

Faith Not Fear

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”
Proverbs 16:9

As you may know, I’ve just finished recording a new album of original music titled Ghosts From Two Towns Over. “Ghosts,” is a bit of a different album for me.

Normally, when I write, I will focus on one group of songs and release them as a collection. Sometimes there is a certain theme or thought weaving the songs together. Other times they have a certain style or sound that connects them.

For this album, I kept going back to songs and ideas that I had started over the years, but for some reason or another, never finished.

Some of these songs have been with me for a long time. Like old friends we would visit once in awhile but they never stay around long enough to be finished. Sometimes songs can come easily and be written just as fast as you can put them to paper. Other songs take a bit of time to stew.

Revisiting these songs, I began to see a common theme coming together. These songs, in one way or another, reflected my journey over the last ten years. The last ten years have seen my family move from New York and eventually landing in North Carolina.

Along the way, my wife took a job as a traveling nurse and for a year our family spent time in Maryland, Rhode Island, and Arizona. When we came to North Carolina it was only supposed to be another short-term assignment but we fell in love with it here and knew we had to stay!

We left New York for a few reasons. Some of those reasons were work and career related. But the biggest reason was what my wife and I felt a certain discontent for several years. We now recognize that this discontent was put there by God and wouldn’t go away and couldn’t be ignored. We even thought of it as a “holy discontent.”

We lived with this discontent for several years. Partially afraid that we were wrong and partially afraid of what people would say if we moved from our church-family.

When we left New York, we left the church I had been a part of since I was a kid. The church my dad led worship in. The church that taught me how to lead worship. We left friends and loved ones behind-knowing somehow our relationships may be changed by distance.

When it was time to move, we heard a lot of different voices. Some of those voices were encouraging while others predicted hardship and failure. Other voices warned that by moving we could be “stepping out of the will of God!” Yikes! Who would want to do that?

With so many voices speaking at once, which ones do you listen to? Especially when folks are throwing around big phrases like “stepping out of the will of God!”

Something we held to during this time was knowing that God does not operate in fear. We could have walked in fear that we are going to make the wrong decision and walk down the wrong path and somehow displease God-thereby removing His grace and blessing from our life. But we didn’t…

It sounds crazy to think this way but many of us can fall into the trap of allowing fear-not faith-to guide our steps.

We can, wrongly, hold to an image of an angry, distant God that is just waiting for us to mess up. But that is not the God we see in the gospels.

Let me ask you: if you are walking faithfully with God won’t He honor your steps? What if you zigged when you should have zagged? Can’t God honor that?

After all, isn’t God’s grace bigger than a zip code?

Don’t forget to come hear the stories behind the music from “Ghosts From Two Towns Over” this Saturday evening at Kevin’s album release party at 7:00 PM. Can’t make it? You can purchase your copy by clicking here!

~Submitted by Kevin Thompson, Director of Contemporary Worship & Arts