As Christians navigating our journey of life and faith, we do not just want to survive.  We want to thrive.  We want to experience all the joy, blessings, and opportunities that God has in store for us.  This series will look at ways we can thrive in our relationships with God, others, the church, school, work, and home.  We will look at ways God calls us to live our lives so we can be all we can be as Jesus’ disciples.  Let us strive to not just survive as we navigate our walk of faith, but let us “grow” and thrive. 

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Dear Asbury Church Family,

Thank you for the many ways you seek to build God’s Kingdom in and through Asbury Church! We are grateful for your commitment to our congregation, community, and world. We recently finished a sermon series where we explored the “Foundations of our Faith” and we’re excited to start a new series “Grow,” where we will focus on our commitment as disciples of Jesus Christ in His church. How do we grow in faith? How do we grow as disciples? How do we grow as a church? It would be impossible for Asbury to grow without your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. We are all in this together!

Because of your generosity, commitment, and God’s provision, our church has been able to continue to make a difference in 2020 even through the challenge of this COVID-19 season, in the following ways:
• Provided an online worship experience to 200-300 people on a weekly basis through our livestream, including over 250 new visitors so far this year.
• New online connections: Worship Wednesdays, Online Bible Studies, and Virtual Fellowship Hours.
• Led outdoor worship services with 50-70 people each week in a safe environment
• Hosted Meet & Greets with 110+ of you, learning about your passion for Asbury & casting vision for the future.
• Held a Rise Against Hunger meal packaging event to provide food for those in need.
• Continued discipleship with our kids and students while online: Virtual VBS, at home Scavenger Hunts, YouTube and Instagram devotionals, and Bible deliveries for our kindergarten and 3rd graders.

Your gifts and tithes allow us to create environments and opportunities to engage in relationships where Christ transforms. Together, we continue to be the light of Christ in our community and our world. Together, we commit to grow in worship, groups, and service. Together, we can commit to grow our church and our relationship with God, our church family, and others. Together, let us be thankful, and let us give back.

We invite you to prayerfully consider your commitment to serve God at Asbury in 2021. Please fill out the enclosed form indicating your commitment to grow through the five areas of stewardship – prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. Despite the impact of COVID-19 in 2020, we anticipate our budget for 2021 to remain roughly the same at $1.11 million.

Please bring this form to offer during worship on Sunday, October 18. If you are unable to join us for worship, please fill out the online version, or mail a copy to the Church Office by Sunday, October 18. Extra forms and cards will be available in the lobby or online at asburyraleigh.org/grow.

May God bless you and your family as you discern how God is leading you to serve and support Asbury as we grow together.

With gratitude for your partnership in ministry,

Jonathan D. Jeffries Lead Pastor
Jen Swindell Pastor of Groups & Communications
Andy Mannes Pastor of Students & Service

Asbury Leadership Board:
Ann Camden, Chair
Tom Bonavita, SPRC
Becky Hurley, Trustees
Kevin Sommers, Finance
Ted Donnelly
Vicki Erickson
Angie McNeill
Margaret Moore
Barbara Nations
Todd Purich
Kay Raley
Somp Thilavanh