Grow: Ways to Serve

Grow: Ways to Serve

Thank you for your interest in Serving at Asbury Church! Below you will find our various roles that can be filled with a description and contact name for any questions you have. Contact info is in our Realm Database for privacy, or you can contact the staff to help you get connected to the leaders in the area.

Office and Administration

  • Church Office Volunteer
    • Assist with answering phones and walk-in inquiries during church business hours.  Flexible schedule, but especially helpful on Mondays and Tuesdays.
    • Contact: Paula Jones
  • Bulletin Volunteer
    • Weekly commitment of 2 hrs to work in the Church Office to help with copying and folding of worship and special service bulletins.
    • Contact: Paula Jones
  • Website Maintenance and Design
    • Assist as needed with WordPress website maintenance and content.  Experience with WordPress, PHP, or graphic design is preferred.
    • Contact: Jen Swindell
  • Church Library Volunteer
    • Assist with cataloging and organizing the LifeGroups and Bible study curriculum library.
    • Contact: Jen Swindell

Student Ministry

  • Sunday night leader – 
    • Weekly commitment for 2hrs on Sunday nights and a Monthly leader meeting for 1 hr.  
    • Opportunities to go on retreats/mission trips throughout the year
    • Lead a group of students in middle or high school in a small group setting where Christ transforms 
    • Requires some prep time to look at small group material before Sunday night
    • Contact: Andy Mannes

Kids Ministry – Contact Crista McKenzie

  • Kid Ministry Leader – 1x/month same week each month for 1.5 hours
    • Nursery Leader – assist in nurturing kids 3 and under. May lead an activity, will play with kids. Great youth position!
    • Preschool Leader – Engaging in relationship with and leading a classroom of 3 or 4 year olds in the lesson, all supplies provided for you. Requires some personal prep time to review lesson ahead lesson. May mentor a youth leader. Youth are encouraged to lead. 2 leaders per room.
    • Elementary Leader – Classrooms are separated by grade; Kindergarten through 5th grade. You lead the small group lesson and engage in relationship with the kids to model Jesus to them, all supplies provided for you. Requires some personal prep time to review lesson ahead lesson. May mentor a youth leader. Youth are encouraged to lead. 2 leaders per room.
  • Preschool Storyteller – 1x/month same week each month for 1 hours. Requires some personal prep time to learn lesson. Needs to love kids and be high energy/able to “handle” a room full of kids.
  • Big Group Storyteller/Host – 1x/month same week each month for 1 hours. Requires some personal prep time to learn script. Needs to love kids and be high energy/able to “handle” a room full of kids.
  • Tech Support – 1x/month same week each month for 1 hours. Training provided. Great youth position!
  • Check In Volunteer – 1x/month same week each month for about 30 minutes. Easy skill level, just need to love people and be friendly.
  • Supply Helper – 1x/month for a few hours helping to get supplies ready for the upcoming Sundays. This is a GREAT service opportunity for those who like to be behind the scenes and is invaluable to our leaders.
  • Copy Helper – Monthly to make copies needed for the upcoming month. Usually done by office volunteers.

Buildings and Maintenance

  • FAN Team
    • Help with occasional projects around the Asbury Church campus. Typically includes 4 service opportunities per year that include light landscaping or maintenance type projects. 
    • Contact: Paul Zwillig or Paula Jones
  • Campus Beautification
    • Assist with keeping our flower beds and campus in tip-top shape. Flowers beds should be weeded quarterly.
    • Contact: Paul Zwillig or Paula Jones


  • LiveStream Volunteer
    • Assist with Cameras, sound, and lights to help make our 9:30am LiveStream possible. 
    • Contact: Steve Barnett
  • Sound – 11am and 930
    • Set levels for microphones and speakers for worship – if you can move a knob, you can help make this possible!
    • Contact: Steve Barnett
  • Ushers 
    • Assist with greeting, offering, bulletins, and other needs for worship services
    • Contact: Kevin Sommers or Jen Swindell
  • Communion Servers
    • Serve communion to worship participants (post-COVID)
  • Worship Committee
    • Assist with decorations and setup for worship events.
    • Contact: Jonathan Jeffries


  • Choir Librarians – we need folks to sort and maintain computer records in the music library.. Flexible time – come when you can!
    • Contact Eric Grush
  • Choir for traditional worship – rehearsal Wednesday 7:00-8:15 and sing Sunday mornings. All voices and experience levels are needed and welcome! 
    • Contact Eric Grush
  • Contemporary Worship Praise Team
    • We use vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards and even the occasional fun instrument like banjo! We gather on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 to rehearse and on Sunday mornings we start at 8:20. We have some members that prefer to play weekly and others that will serve once or twice a month. There is always a place for more team members!
    • Contact: Kevin Thompson
  • Handbells
    • Interested in helping Asbury re-form a Handbell choir?  We only need 10 people interested to bring this artform back to worship.
    • Contact: Eric Grush


  • Coffee Hosts – 9:30am or 11am
    • Arrive 45 min prior to service to start the coffee brewing and to set up our coffee stations. Assist folks with their coffee and offer a big smile and a warm welcome. Replenish coffee as needed and help to clean up after the service. 
  • Parking Lot Greeter – 9:30am or 11am
    • Arrive 30 minutes prior to service to be visible in the parking lot and offer a warm welcome as people arrive on campus. Help direct guests to designated areas.
  • Greeter – 9:30am or 11am
    • Arrive 20 minutes prior to service to help to open doors, welcome, and guide people as they arrive to worship.
    • Contact: Jen Swindell
  • Welcome Desk – 9:30am or 11am
    • Help to be the face of Asbury where new guests can come for information, welcome gifts, and more!
    • Contact: Jen Swindell
  • Visitor Follow-up
    • Be a friendly voice of Asbury by helping to connect with visitors through the week as part of our follow up process
    • Contact: Jen Swindell

CARE Ministries

  • Bereavement Team
    • Assistance for funerals at Asbury as we care for a family and ensure they feel the love of Christ after the loss of a loved one
    • Contact: Jonathan Jeffries
  • Card Encouragers
    • Send 4-5 cards per month as needed to persons in the congregation going through health, life, or spiritual needs.
    • Contact: Candy Horner
  • Meals
    • Bring a meal to a person in need after surgery or life events.
    • Contact: Faye Biffert
  • Home or Hospital Visitation
    • Help the pastors in visiting members that are recovering at home or in the hospital
    • Contact: Jonathan Jeffries
  • Prayer Team
    • Join in prayer with others at Asbury church through regular prayer meetings as well as other opportunities.  

General Service

  • LifeGroup Leadership
    • Assist in making LifeGroups possible by providing leadership to 8-12 others interested in engaging in relationships where Christ transforms.
    • Contact: Jen Swindell
  • Photography
    • Like to take pictures? Help us capture memories in worship or at special events!
    • Contact: Jen Swindell
  • Women’s Ministry
    • Help to create and plan events for women of Asbury as we find new ways to connect to one another
    • Contact: Jen Swindell

Missions / Service / Outreach

  • Community Garden
    • Gardeners enjoy a long growing season in full sun plots, experience community with fellow enthusiasts and, more importantly, donate at least 50% of their harvest to Inter-Faith Food Shuttle (primarily), North Raleigh Ministries, Christian Life Home, Prison Aftercare Christian Ministries, and individuals/families in need.  Half or full plot signups are available in the spring.
  • Habitat for Humanity
    • Go on site in the fall to work on one of our sponsored homes.  Beginners to veternan builders are welcome.  Once on site you could be swinging a hammer, building a wall or installing siding.  You can volunteer by yourself or with a group of friends.  All you have to do is sign upTypically you will work from 9am – 5pm on Saturdays throughout the fall.  There are other opportunities available: see habitatwake.org for more details 
  • Family Promise of Wake County
    • Provide a meal for families that are staying in our facility. 
      • Time commitment is 2hrs
      • Setup meal
      • Serve food to our guest
      • Engage families/kids in gym area 
    • Driver
      • Drive families to the main facility in the morning and evening 
        • 1hr commitment 
    • Sleeper
      • Sleep at Asbury to be the host for our families incase anything is needed
        • Lock building up 
        • 9pm – 6am
        • In the morning make coffee and setup breakfast for our guest 
  • Lynn Road
    • Backpack Buddies 
      • Contact for BB is Crista McKenzie
      • Meal packaging events – usually last about 1 hour. Occur 3x per school year on a Saturday morning
      • Weekly Meal delivery person – serves on a team to pickup premade meals and deliver the correct number to the school each week. Have 4 teams of 2, so commitment is only once a month for about 30 minutes.
    • School Supplies Drive
      • Volunteer to assist with organizing
    • Campus Clean Up Day
  • Rise Against Hunger
    • A yearly meal packaging event that feeds people from all around the world.  This event lasts for about 3 hours and you can do everything from packaging meals to loading boxes on a truck.  All ages are welcome, and is great to do with the entire family.