Let Go

Let Go

Don’t you just despise moving? No? Just me?

Last month, my family was surrounded by a ton of boxes, baskets, and bins. Between packing up the old place and then turning around and unpacking the new place, as a single mom, I felt completely overwhelmed. If you have ever moved, I am sure you can relate to my story.

Pack it in!

Packing is a pain. There was a time when I came to realize that, basically, we had too much stuff. As I was packing, I came across things I forgot we still had or haven’t used in a long time. Still, there lies something therapeutic about going through everything – the process of packing can be a positive experience! Knowing that I was going to have to physically move these items from one residence to another caused me to evaluate whether me or my daughters really needed those things we never use any more.

Chuck it out!

We’ve all been there before. Decluttering is difficult, and can often be emotionally draining, anxiety-inducing, or even painful. The obvious solution for me was to throw away or donate those useless items and get it over with. Sure, this required a little effort and (maybe) a few tears were shed, but it was less effort than packing them, moving them and then finding a new place to store them. It also saved us the effort – and the decision – if we happen to move again in the future.

two girls saying goodbyeLet’s get emotional

Why would we hang on to these things?!

More often than not, we find change hard because there’s an emotional element that comes into the picture.

As I looked at some items, I started to recall who gave them to us and what the special occasion was. Suddenly, my heart tried to rule my head, and I almost reached for the storage box rather than the trash or donation bin. I didn’t ignore the emotional attachment to the items, but I was able to honor the intention of those items and recognized that it served its purpose in its time, but now I needed to let go. I was moving out of a less than desirable situation and into a home that was better suited for me and my girls. There was no looking back.

An Intentional Effort

Letting go of your personal possessions is all too similar to letting go of past experiences that have caused us pain and suffering. We know we don’t want to feel that hurt again and sometimes we hold onto the past so that we are reminded to not make those same mistakes again.

But what is this all costing us? How is it impacting our relationships, our lives and our happiness? And how do we learn to loosen our grip so we can move forward in a healthier, happier way?

Ask yourself: “What are the reasons that you absolutely must move beyond this? How will your life change? How will it change the course of your relationships? And how will you feel in this new chapter of your life?” Answering these questions will be one of the most important parts of the process of letting go because it will help you stay motivated. It’s going to be your emotional drive. You are certainly going to have setbacks and challenges, but if you have a strong enough reason and a strong enough purpose, you will stay focused and dedicated.

The ultimate breakthrough will come by conditioning your mind every single day. If you don’t make the conscious effort to decide what you allow into your mind, then you are allowing weeds to grow and to spread – you are moving those boxes full of unwanted thoughts with you into your  new space. Seek and read empowering stories, surround yourself with people who make you better, put yourself in the highest state of positivity. It’s the new rituals that you do every day that will build momentum and, ultimately, lead to enormous change.

Your life matters. Let go of those unused and unwanted memories. Don’t pack them up and store for use later. Walk into your clutter free life and focus on all the good things God has in store for you! #letgo

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    June Lindimore

    How lucky we are to have you unpacked and squared away with the past. unpleasant memories
    and your mind and heart cleared and ready for a new life and to make new memories.
    You are so thoughtful and helpful and friendly. I enjoy hearing your voice whenever I call the office.
    You lift my spirits and let me know that you will be there to help if and when I might need it. You are a blessing and I am so happy to have you here with us at Asbury! Praise the Lord!

    Alicia Petty (Author)

    Thank you Ms. June!!! I am blessed to be here and looking forward to being a continued blessing to others!

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