Pray for our Schools

Pray for our Schools

Monday – Pray for Lynn Road Elementary

Be in prayer for out local partner school, Lynn Road Elementary. How can we as a church continue to support LRES’ students and staff this year? How can this school be strengthened and renewed for both in person and virtual learning? Pray for the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual needs of this community.

Tuesday Pray for Technology

Technology will play a major role in all of our schools this year. We pray for medical technology that can help to keep the schools safe for students and staff. We pray for the technology to allow live stream lessons, remote learning, and communication to and from home. We especially give thanks for technology in 2020 to allow us to connect even when we are physically apart.

Wednesday – Pray for Educators

For all of our educators: public school, charter school, private school, and homeschool. For parents who have become educators in this time. For tutors and support staff…. Tomorrow, our Wake County Teachers have their first official “Teacher Workday,” though we know that many have been working on preparing for these new paradigms for quite some time.

Thursday – Pray for Safety

Above all, we pray for safety for our schools. For the safety of our students and teachers – whether they are at home or in the building. Pray for protection and comfort from all of the threats to safety: illnesses, bullying, violence, stress, food insecurity, and other threats.

Friday – Pray for Parents

For the parents, we pray: Homeschooling, staying at home, working from home, or working outside the home… To make this year one where families can grow and thrive together instead of apart. For parents who wonder if they made the right decision in their child’s schooling – we pray for comfort and trust that their family is exactly where they need to be at this time. For parents trying to make plans to both work and assist in learning we pray for clear pathways and opportunities.

Saturday – Pray for Protection

We pray to protect the JOY of school and learning – That through the precautions and changes students can still thrive and grow. We pray especially for differences in economic access – to help to allow all the ability to be educated with access to technology and food.

Sunday – Pray for Hope

We pray for the hope that leads us and moves us forward. That all in our schools can find hope in the midst of what is new, uncertain, ever-changing, and sometimes difficult.

Monday – Pray for Students

We pray for our students on what is many of their first days of school today. May the newness of this school year bring joy – building those relationships on screens, through plexiglass, or through masks. Help students and teachers to smile with their eyes and connect despite barriers that have began in this year.