A Genie in a Bottle

A Genie in a Bottle

Many of us live our lives hoping for a magic solution to all our problems that is quick and easy. Real solutions to real problems are rarely quick or easy and they are never magical. This week our text is about the ascension of Jesus found in Acts 1-11. It certainly appeared magical when Jesus ascended into heaven, just like many of the miracles he performed. It was natural for the early disciples to expect more supernatural events so they kept standing there gazing up into heaven…waiting. You know what dispersed the crowd? Angels. Angels sent from God came and told them to get on with what Jesus asked them to do. God was going to use them to create meaningful, real and lasting solutions to the world’s problems. In fact, that’s what we’re still doing today as we partner with God. I want you to plan right now to worship this Sunday at the 930 contemporary service or the 11 AM traditional service. We’ll explore how to do more than wish away today hoping for a better tomorrow. You and I with God’s help will be part of powerful solutions to all that’s wrong around us. This is a message that is too timely and too important to miss. So, you come and be sure to bring at least 1 person or 1 family with you. I promise, you’ll be glad you came!

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