Bank It!

Bank It!

Where do you find security? Ever since we established FDIC, we have thought of our banks as safe. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “take it to the bank!” What do you bank on? Our lives are in constant flux and we are surrounded by uncertainty. There are few things we can truly count on. I believe our faith is one of those things we can truly count on. This week we are reading the story of Noah found in Genesis chapter 9. Like us, Noah lived in an uncertain time but the most important thing he did was trust God. In trusting God, Noah found security and ultimately salvation. We can too! Make plans right now to worship with us this Sunday at either our 930 contemporary service or our 11 AM traditional service where we will take a look at God’s promises and how we can always count on God. God’s promises are so rock solid and sure we might even say we can “take them to the bank!” Sunday’s message will be uplifting and filled with hope so bring at least 1 more person with you when you come. You’ll both be glad you did!

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