By Any Other Name

By Any Other Name

I like my name…well most of it any way. I’m not real fond of my middle name…


Yeah…that’s the one…but it’s a good name too. It was my Dad’s name and he gave it to me…and I have given my first name to both my boys as their middle name. I was given a good name and a clean name and I have kept it that way. My name is good on a signature for a credit card, a mortgage and a whole lot more. Even so, it has limits. All our names are powerful within limits…but there is a name that is not limited. The name of Jesus knows no limits! This week we are reading Acts 4:5-12 where Peter and the disciples were caught using the name of Jesus. They were told not to use it but they couldn’t help it. The name of Jesus was powerful enough to heal the sick and make whole the broken. The name of Jesus is every bit as powerful today. Come this Sunday and we’ll explore together how the power of the name of Jesus can be unleashed in our lives. Make plans to attend this weekend and choose now to invite one or more people to worship with you. You’ll both be glad you did!

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