Colorful Relatives

Colorful Relatives

Colorful relatives! We all have them. Sometimes they make us groan and sometimes they embarrass the fire out of us. We may sometimes avoid them but we’ll never forget them and they are sure to make family gatherings unforgettable as well. I come from a long line of colorful relatives with unusual names and nicknames that just may be well earned! There’s my uncle Nook who is also my Gunk-Unk who is not to be confused with my other Uncle Doo. I have a nickname or two too but you’ll have to come Sunday to find out what they are. This week we are reading a passage from the Old Testament where Moses takes one last look into the Promised Land before he dies. It seems Scripture has a penchant for bringing up colorful relatives that are oddly embraced by God. In Deuteronomy 34:1-12 we hear yet another reference to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, each of whom is very colorful. Moses too had a past that would make most of us cringe. The point is that God uses all people. All that seems to be required is a sincere desire to follow with our hearts. Who or what are you following? How colorful is your past and is it colorful enough to make it to The Promised Land? Be sure to worship this weekend where we’ll explore a few colorful relatives together and celebrate the much brighter future we all can have in Jesus’ name…

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