Duck Fit

Duck Fit

Do you recognize this picture? It’s known as the laughing Jesus. It is one of my favorite, not because it is great art but because it represents my savior as the Lord of Laughter. Do you ever think he got mad? Can a Christian get mad? The Bible tells us to be angry but not to sin in our anger. I think God gets mad and this week we are looking a text where Jesus is clearly not happy. John 2:13-22 is the account of Jesus overturning the tables of the money changers in the temple. My kinfolk would say he had a “duck fit” which is a whole “nother” thing than a conniption or a hissy fit. Many people think Jesus was upset about greedy merchants cheating the people. I think Jesus was up to something a whole lot more important. I want you to come this week and worship with us. We will talk about what made Jesus throw a “duck fit” and how we might best manage our own emotions. I also want to ask you to do one more thing. Invite another person or family to come with you. Your personal invitation is powerful and just what is needed to bring the people who know you and trust you into relationship with God. Pray now about who you’ll invite and I look forward to worshiping with you this weekend…we’ll all be glad you did!

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