Faithfully Fickle?

Faithfully Fickle?

A denouement…It is a French term that I learned in English class. A denouement is the falling action in a story…or another way of saying “let down.” This week our text is Mark 1:1-11 which tells of Palm Sunday and how it is a high and exciting time. Ever wonder how we then get so quickly to the sorrow of Maundy Thursday and the suffering of Good Friday? In about 4 days the exuberant crowds of Palm Sunday move to desertion and then to out right betrayal. The people expected a great warrior to come and lead them in battle but instead, they get Jesus who came riding on a donkey. Because they didn’t know what God was up to, it felt like a denouement. What they didn’t know was that the best was yet to come! What some thought was a denouement was actually the beginning of God’s greatest blessing to all of us. This Sunday we’ll learn how to be faithful even when surrounded by fickle people and position ourselves to receive even more from God this Easter. Be sure to not only come but invite one other person or family to come with you. They’ll be glad you did!

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