Fresh Power!

Fresh Power!

Holding on for dear life! Being overwhelmed on occasion is part of life and we all face it. Maybe right now is that time for you…facing a tax deadline and trying to find time to add up a year’s worth of receipts, the kids spring sports are in full swing so there’s extra shuttle duties, maybe a deadline at work and a little spring fever to boot! Others are facing much more serious things like declining health or care for a friend or relative as their time on earth comes to an end. Whether a lot of mundane things or some really big surprises, life can leave us hanging on for dear life with every finger nail and toe claw engaged…and I have good news! We don’t have to live that way! Easter is essentially a message of hope and an infusion of fresh power. This week we will look at John 20:1-18 where the worn out followers of Jesus come to do a dreaded but final task for someone they loved dearly. They were worried about the big stone but their worry turned to horror when the stone was already moved and the tomb stood empty. No one knew what to make of it but Jesus showed up alive and bristling with fresh power. This is so different from how he looked on Good Friday with the weight of the world on him. He was made new and whole and given power from on high and that same power if available to you and me today! Don’t limp along when you can mount up with the wings of eagles and soar. Be sure to come this Sunday at 9:30 contemporary or 11 AM traditional and discover how to tap into the fresh power God has reserved for you. More than most Sundays, this message is just too good to keep to ourselves. Invite friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers and even strangers you meet on the street to come with you…they’ll all be glad you did!

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