I Need a Guide

I Need a Guide

Guides…they are necessary. We all want the best tour guide on our trips. We use various electronic aids for directions on a daily basis, some with names like Siri or Alexa. A few of us still use these antique GPS systems that we used to call maps. What do you use? Who is your guide? This week we are looking at Acts 8:26-40 where Philip encounters the Ethiopian eunuch. With all the trappings of success this man sat lost on the side of the road. Philip submits himself to be a guide for him on spiritual matters with the result that this man met Jesus. This is a lot more important than reaching your destination on earth. Who is your spiritual guide and mentor? Who are you guiding? Be sure to worship this weekend where we’ll explore together who our guides are and how we might also be a worthy guide for the important people in our lives. Our services are 930 contemporary and 11 am traditional. Be sure to guide someone to come with you. You’ll both be glad you came!

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