The Best is Yet to Be!

The Best is Yet to Be!

I remember the story of an elderly church lady who loved dessert. When she was no longer able to serve herself, people would collect her dinner plate and tell her to save her fork so she could use it for dessert. For her, the best part of the meal was about to arrive. This Sunday I want to talk about how the best is yet to come. This is a promise from God. This week we are reading 1 John 3:1-7 where God’s love is made clear and how that love just gets better and better. Don’t you want your life to get better? Don’t you want more from life? This is an excellent week to invite someone you know to come with you. Make plans to worship this Sunday at 930 contemporary or 11 am traditional service where we’ll explore how the very best from God is on it’s way for you and for me. Remember to save your fork…you’ll be glad you did!

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