Tiger by the Tail

Tiger by the Tail

What’s wild in your life? We’ve tamed our pets. Our jobs are predictable. Our lives are routine. Very rarely we may venture into the uncharted. To find the truly wild and untamed we’d have to journey to the depths of the sea or the far reaches of distant forests or maybe, we’d have to go to another planet all together. The point is, there isn’t much wild or untamed any more…except maybe God. How wild is God in your life? Do you want God to be tame and predictable? So much of secular understandings of prayer is about getting God to do what we want God to do. Isn’t that like taming God? And if God can be tamed, doesn’t that put us in control? This is not at all who God reveals himself to be in Scripture. This week is Transfiguration Sunday where we celebrate just how wild God can be. Jesus took his closest disciples up a hillside and there showed them a glimpse of who he really was. Yes…it was frightening and wonderful at the same time. This week we will focus on the wild and untamed nature of God and how that can be a really good thing for you and me. This will be an exciting message you will not want to miss.

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