We Want to See Jesus

We Want to See Jesus

What do you want to see? There are a lot of things I want to see. Maybe you want to see them too: an end to violence and If that’s too big, at least an end to school shootings. I’d like to see world peace too while I am dreaming. Those are very far sighted things and I wear glasses because I’m near sighted. Some days I would just like to see something simple like a new truck or a smaller number on the bathroom scale. What do you want to see? How high is Jesus on your list of things you’d like to see? This week we are looking at John 12:20-33 where some curious Greeks ask to see Jesus. Jesus was something of a local celebrity and they wanted to meet him. Maybe you don’t know anyone from Greece but I’m sure you know some curious people who are earnestly seeking meaning and purpose for their lives. What if you introduced them to Jesus? We all need something and someone to hold onto, especially when life turns upside down. Jesus is that rock in uncertain times that will always keep us from being blown away. Plan now to be at one or both of our Sunday services this weekend. I also want you to bring someone with you. Pray and ask God to reveal someone who God wants you to invite. I promise you’ll receive hope and grace and much more when we together see Jesus! I know we’ll all be glad we came!

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