Washed Clean or Just All Wet?

Washed Clean or Just All Wet?

Do you remember your baptism? I was baptized on a warm September day in 1983. I still remember how cold the water felt when it ran down off my head and under my collar to soak into my shirt. Some of us have a very different experience where we were totally immersed. Still others have only pictures shown to them by parents. Both my boys were baptized as infants and we have special rocks given to us to help them remember their day. Regardless of the amount of water or how old or young we were when we were baptized, just what happened? We call baptism a sacrament but what does that mean anyway? This week in worship we will read Mark 1:4-11 and talk about Jesus’ baptism. We’ll explore together just what baptism means and why it is so important. Baptism is so much more than getting wet. Baptism is an important new beginning and as we prepare to worship for the first time in 2018, this is a great opportunity to explore God’s new beginning for us. Be sure to worship this Sunday and invite friends, neighbors and even strangers you meet along the way. They’ll all be glad you did!

Sermon Preview: https://youtu.be/QfKvNyt6ALI


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