Christmas Is Not Your Birthday

Christmas Is Not Your Birthday

Since 2012, the Asbury Church community has celebrated Christmas differently.  We were challenged to spend as much on a gift for Jesus as we did on gifts for our families.  Through acts of sacrifice, service, and celebration, we are proud to once again present Christmas Is Not Your Birthday (CINYB).

Asbury has chosen to collectively contribute towards a gift to honor Jesus on His birthday by supporting a school in Sous Raille, Haiti, as well as assisting our friends at Lynn Road Elementary School in Raleigh.

Extra donations have funded community adult literacy programs, a new kitchen, and three additional classrooms.  Pre-K through Grade 6 enrollment now totals 240 students.

Our goal for 2020 is $78,000.

  • $24,000 to fund 240 students at the Sous Raille school (uniforms, school supplies, and teacher salaries)
  • $24,000 for 75,000 Rise Against Hunger meals for school lunches
  • $20,000 to purchase fresh food from Haitian farmers to supplement school lunches
  • $10,000 for BackPack supplies for Lynn Road Elementary School (40 weeks)

How can you help? You can…

  • Offer your family’s gift of prayer
  • Make a donation to support Christmas Is Not Your Birthday