Asbury partners with twelve missionaries in a wide variety of ministries in 8 countries.  Help us by praying for them and the work they are doing in the world.

Katie Rawson

Serves international college students in the U.S.

As Senior Resource Developer for the national International Student Ministry Department of InterVarsity, Katie partners with ISM staff and others to develop evangelistic and discipling resources for international students and for staff and students working with internationals. The vision is to evangelize and disciple international students and develop them as leaders so that they become world-changers. Katie also serves as Regional ISM Coordinator for the Blue Ridge Region and directs the area Evangelistic Discovery Weekend. Katie has been part of Asbury’s family since its infancy.

Curt and Marcia Rhodes

Questscope in Amman, Jordan

Dr. Curt Rhodes is the founder and international director of Questscope, with 20+ years of experience in the Middle East. Every Questscope project focuses on putting the last, first–creating a second chance and better life for dropouts, street kids, vulnerable women, refugees, and others.

Curt writes that an unprecedented youth boom is dramatically altering the face of the Middle East. With 60% of the population now under the age of 25, this demographic surge will likely be the greatest factor shaping the future of the region. “Questscope is increasingly being asked to help shape the future for the most vulnerable of these young citizens, creating an opportunity for those who have little–helping them grow socially, emotionally and spiritually–and giving them the tools they need to become positive contributors to society.”

Questscope currently has at least one of its programs in eleven Middle Eastern countries. If you would like to read more about the work Questscope is doing in the Middle East, visit www.questscope.org. Questscope is also piloting a youth mentoring program in Minneapolis, MN.

Stan and Patty Wiebe

Hearts and Hands for Haiti

“In obedience to the words of Christ to love our neighbors as ourselves, we partner with Haitians in the area of Gonaives, Haiti, giving care to children and families in need. Together we offer opportunities to develop physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually into mature Christian adults who can provide for themselves and their impoverished nation.”

Stan first visited Haiti in 1982 on a mission trip. He lived in Haiti for five years in the 80s. Even after moving to Raleigh in 1989, Stan continued visiting his Haitian friends most years. Stan and Patty met while she was in Haiti on a mission trip. Stan and Patty work together in the HHH office in Raleigh, serving as a liaison between their Haitian and North American neighbors. If you would like to know more about the Wiebe’s varied ministries in Haiti, visit their website www.heartsandhandsforhaiti.org.

David and Debbie Hawk

World Gospel Mission, Honduras

David and Debbie serve as Field Director for Honduras. They provide leadership to WGM missionaries and ministries throughout Honduras.

They previously served in El Salvador where they helped establish a church in Jucuapa and built a medical clinic.

John and Janie Farwell

Athletes in Action

Athletes in Action is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, International, an organization that promotes evangelism and discipleship in more than 190 countries around the world. The mission of AIA is to help sports-minded people think and live biblically at the intersection of sports and Christianity. John, Janie, and their children live in Jerusalem, where John coaches an AIA team. He is also attending Jerusalem University College and is involved with Walk the Story. When asked by team members why he would come there to coach instead of in the U.S., he replied that he desires to support the AIA staff there and he wants people there to know who Jesus is and to experience him in them.

Charlie and Kathy Lehardy

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Wycliffe’s vision is to “…see the Bible accessible to all people in the language of their heart.” To make this vision a reality, they also focus on literacy development, community development, and church partnerships. Currently, there are over 200 million people worldwide who do not have the Bible in their language.

Charlie and Kathy serve with the Mexico Branch of SIL. Kathy is a Language Program Manager, overseeing the plans and activities of the Mexico Bible translation programs. Charlie provides computer support for Mexico Branch members, offering everything from troubleshooting and repair to training and migration services fro teams moving to newer hardware and software programs.

The Lehardys are based in Catalina, AZ, where they live near their two children, Charlie and Hannah.

Paul and Marty Law

Missionaries in Central Congo

The Laws have a ministry of compassion, reconstruction, and development in Central Congo. A primary focus of their ministry is evangelism and teaching of God’s Word. In God’s providence, Paul grew up in this area and is a “mother tongue” speaker of the Otetela language, which he is able to use effectively, whether in a large facility, a collapsing village church, or under a shade tree in the open air. Marty teaches in two mission high schools in Lodja. The need and desire for learning English presents her the opportunity to use scripture as a teaching tool. To learn more about their ministries in reconstructing/building churches in remote villages, ministry to children, and the Jesus film outreach, visit www.appointmentcongo.org.

Andy and Cheryl White

International Student Ministry, IVCF

Andy and Cheryl White lead the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship ministry to international students at NC State University. About 1000 new international students arrive each fall. The Whites and the team who works with them organize several events to welcome these new students and begin making contacts and building friendships. To read more about ISM’s inspiring ministry, visit www.intervarsity.org/ism.

Husband and Wife Team

Asbury supports a husband and wife team who are affiliated with an international, evangelical Christian missions organization. For security reasons, their name and people group they work with are anonymous. This couple was arrested in their country because they are Christians and held for a number of weeks in prison. They were released and allowed to leave the country but told not to return. Today they have a radio and TV ministry to those inside their country and in the U.S. reaching out to their fellow countrymen. They also meet with those who come outside their country for discipleship training.