Start with Why

Start with Why

I’m going to share something that might be hard for most of you to hear.  Are you ready? Here it comes y’all… Summer is almost over!! That’s right!  Summer is almost over.  For those of you who have kiddos on the traditional school calendar, your world is about to become even more crazy.  (I realize that some of you reading this have kiddos in the year round school system and your kids are already back. You all are already in the thick of it.)  I am sure that some, or most of you, can’t wait for them to get back to school.  Sometimes I feel like the weird one because I am not looking forward to my two oldest kids heading to school. I’m going to miss them, despite all the craziness, mind-numbing, and frustrating moments they bring throughout the day.  Not to mention all the craziness school brings into the home.  The rush to eat breakfast, get dressed, pack lunches, backpacks to organize,  and get out the door. Then there’s the dreaded homework, homework and more homework.  Just writing this is causing me to get frustrated thinking of what’s ahead.

I don’t think it needs to be this way.  It shouldn’t be this way.  Normal? Yes. But normal isn’t working for our family, so we need to think differently about the time we have together. We need some guidance related to dealing with this transition and chaos to come.

I find it interesting how much the authors in the Bible talk about wisdom. Look at what Solomon says about it.

Get wisdom; develop good judgement.” Proverbs 4:5 NLT

Seems pretty clear, right? All you need to do is get some wisdom, and develop good judgment.  Easy? Not really.  Personally, today I’m reading these words today from the point of view of redeeming our family time during the busy school season.

whyNow, if you are anything like me, you like details.  Who doesn’t like a step by step guide about how to do something? But, instead of starting with the ‘what’ to do, I’m choosing to start with ‘why.’  I believe this is essential in order to be successful this school year with our families. We can all do things to make life better for all parties. Without knowing our ‘why,’ we will become more consumed with ‘what’ we are doing instead of ‘why’ we are doing it.  This is wisdom.  I believe Solomon is writing about our ‘why,’ as it relates to wisdom.  Understand your why and you will be less likely to become distracted with everything life can throw at you.  We will navigate life with confidence, and know what to say yes to, and what to say no to.

So what’s your ‘why?’ Why do you want this school year to be different with your family? Why do you want it to be better? Maybe you want….

  • Your kids to have a home where there is no doubt how much they are loved.
  • Your home to be the home where your kids will always want to come back to, even after high school.
  • Your kids to have a place that is calm and relaxed, when everything else in their life is busy.

I can’t give you your ‘why,’ that’s something only you can answer.  Take the time to figure out the answer, and do the hard work.

Start with the why.