Third Quarter Blessings

Third Quarter Blessings

Dear Members and Friends of Asbury Church,

There is a strategy to being blessed and we practice it here at Asbury Church. There are many instances in God’s Word where people put themselves in a position to be either blessed or to miss blessings. A few examples include Jonah who became God’s instrument to the city of Ninevah, but only after missing blessings by being positioned outside God’s will. The same can be said of Saul of Tarsus. So great was Saul’s conversion that his name changed to Paul and he became God’s instrument to the whole world. Paul even turned the difficulties of imprisonment into an opportunity to shape and guide the Church for millennia! Here at Asbury we are not waiting for a great fish or a blinding light. Instead, we are learning from the example of these great saints. We are choosing to position ourselves to be blessed and to be a blessing in Jesus’ name.

Your faithfulness helps us position ourselves to receive and to be a blessing and we are grateful! Because of your financial support, people will eat in places near and far. Because of your financial support, our young people have been sent out as missionaries to Houston, TX and to Sous Raille this summer. Right now, a team of young people are missionaries in strategic places throughout the Triangle area! Because of your financial support, we are able to both be a blessing and be blessed. We are intentional about following Jesus and we are careful in our strategy of blessing.

I encourage you to be just as intentional as Asbury Church is. I want you to be blessed. Just like key leaders in the Bible and successful churches like Asbury, you can be intentional about positioning yourself to be a blessing and to receive blessings from God. There are a few key steps. They are:

  1. Pray! Speak to God regularly and often.
  2. Read Scripture! God does not want to be a mystery to you. Spend time getting to know God through God’s Word. If you are not already signed up for our daily Scripture emails (called SOAPY), please consider doing so today.
  3. Be regular in your attendance in worship. Each week we prayerfully plan worship to help you experience a deeper relationship with God. We also live stream our 9:30 AM contemporary service on Facebook for you to view live or at another time.
  4. Be active in God’s service! There are many right ways to do this. Some of us are actively serving in areas from Family Promise to being Lion Pals for Lynn Road School. Another way is to be a faithful supporter of God’s work. What you give to God through Asbury Church absolutely matters. Just as Paul and Jonah changed many lives, so do you as you support God’s work through Asbury Church!

new service

I am very excited about Asbury Church. We are blessed and we are a blessing to many. We are getting stronger and reaching further as we receive new members and launch our new contemporary service at 11:00 AM beginning September 9th. There is a careful, prayerful strategy as we intentionally position ourselves to be blessed by God and to be a blessing to many others in Jesus’ name. You are an integral part of this strategy. Thank you for your prayers, your presence in worship, your service to God and the gifts you give so freely so that we all may be effective witnesses for God. I look forward to continuing to be blessed and to being a blessing as we gather for worship this Sunday!

Peace & Partnership,
Tom Newman, Lead Pastor