Want More?

Want More?

I want more…don’t you?  One of my favorite Raleigh restaurants is Kanki Japanese Steak House.  I love watching the chef cook in front of me and dazzle me with real fire, knives thrown into the air with skill and a meal that is also a show.  It is not an exact science.  The portions are guessed at fairly closely but invariably there are some left overs after everyone is served.  I always hope the chef will offer some to me.  I want more…I don’t need it but I want it.  Don’t you?

Life comes at us hard and fast.  Many times we’re left empty from all the competing interests.  There are bills to pay and sometimes I would like to feel like I am getting ahead in life.  I rarely do.  This month it was the washer and dryer in my “new to me” home that needed attention.  I’m not crying hard times or playing on your sympathies.  I had it in reserve so I just went out and bought a new washer and dryer.  I am blessed and I know it.  I just wanted more.  There is no curb appeal to a new washer and dryer…at least not the ones I bought.  They’re plain.  They’re white.  They’ll live in a closet where only I see them about once a week when I use them.  They are not exciting…just useful…and a lot more convenient than a trip to the laundry mat.  They are the hungry mouths that got my reserve fund this month…and next month I’ll try to begin building it back unless something else is more hungry than I anticipate.

I always feel guilty when I spend money on myself.  There are things I’d like…new clothes…a vacation far away…a new truck because mine is more than 18 years old.  I rarely get to the things I want because of other needs…like broken washers and dryers.  It is usually something.  Back to school shopping.  Clothes shopping after back to school shopping.  Christmas gifts for friends and family.  I’m usually back there hoping for an extra serving most months and it rarely comes.  I’m not starving or anything…I’d just like a little more…don’t you?

Pastor Tom preachingThere is one place where I come first…and there’s room for you to come first too.  Asbury Church is Our Father’s House and each week I receive something from God.  You may think I am the guy up front giving…and I am.  The funny thing is that I can never out give God.  The more I give in a worship service the more I experience.  The more I serve the more I am fed.  The more I worship the more powerful the experience becomes for me.  Life still comes at me hard and fast.  There are still usually more bills each month than paycheck.  It’s OK.  Really.  I am well cared for and God always provides enough…and when I come to church, it’s like Our Father is the one behind the cook top serving up the most amazing meal.  There is real fire from the Holy Spirit.  There is a show to behold and to experience…and when Our Father hands out the portions, there are always left overs…enough so that He can turn to each of us in turn and ask if we want more.  I always say yes because I always want more…don’t you?

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