Counseling Ministry

We live in a hurting world.  Anger, self-focus, addictions, family discord, problematic emotions, season of life issues and grief are all a part of many people's life.  As a member of a church body, we are all involved in listening, supporting and praying with members in need on a peer level friendship basis. But what follows when our friends need more than listening and prayer?


I recently completed the certified BC program at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  This involved 200 plus hours of counseling theory combined with a Biblical view along with an extensive reading list. I have a BS in Nursing from the University of South Carolina.  I have 40 years of experience in a variety of church leadership roles along with small group leader experiences, leading prayer teams, and Bible studies. I have worked with troubled foster and non-foster young adults and have survived a myriad of life stresses. Combined with these experiences and a calling of the Holy Spirit I believe I am uniquely qualified to offer this peer level counseling ministry to Asbury.

The approach of Christian counseling is a holistic one way relationship that can help people navigate life's stresses and emotional traumas with a biblical prospective.  Thinking of biblical counseling as a peer to peer "style of relating" instead of defining counseling as an "identity-based life struggle" issue, can help remove the stigma and isolation surrounding the view of counseling.  The intentionality, density and one way relational tone established in the first counseling session sets this type of discussion apart from casual conversation.  The first session begins with acknowledging and recognizing the counselees difficulty in dealing with their struggle and the need to deepen their spiritual walk.  This first step is often the hardest and positive encouragement is essential to the trusting and unfolding work to follow.  The second step in the first meeting is to accurately clarify my training and role as a certified BC.  I will let them know I will be walking with them during this stress and offering a Biblical perspective to help them overcome their issues.  Lastly, before gathering history and identifying expectations and goals, we will have a discussion clarifying the confidentiality parameters.

Nancy is available by appointment
Monday - Thursday 1pm-4pm

You can also reach Nancy by phone at
919-847-2818 Ext. 204