eBulletin for January 17

Highlights and Schedule

Register for seats for indoor worship - open through February

Dive into Scripture in the New Year on Tuesdays at 6:30pm - Join In!

Blood Drive Scheduled for Saturday 1/23

Registration is open for plots in our Community Garden

Save the Date: Wednesdays in Lent - Midweek worship and communion

Sunday 1/17 - New Series "Come and See" in Worship - Outdoor, Indoor, and LiveStream

Tuesday 1/19 - Leadership Board Meeting on Zoom

Thursday 1/21 - JOY Group on Zoom

Saturday 1/23 - Blood Drive at Asbury Church

Sunday 1/24 - Worship Outdoors, Indoor, and LiveStream

Sunday 2/7 - Worship Outdoors, Indoor, and LiveStream

Sunday 2/14 - Worship Outdoors, Indoor, and LiveStream

Wednesday 2/17 - Ash Wednesday Worship


Worship This Week - Come and See – John 1:35-39 – Spend time with Jesus

As Christians one of the things we are called to do is to share the good news of Jesus. We hear commandments like “Go and make disciples…”, “Let your light shine…”, and “Feed my sheep” and it seems like a heavy burden. That was not Jesus’ intent. In this series we will examine the power of invitations. We will examine how we can grow in our faith and how we can easily promote our faith as Jesus calls us to do. Come and See how God can work in and through us! 

Blood Drive at Asbury Church


Join us on January 23 to help give the gift of life!  Be sure to sign up for a time slot to help us with planning and capacity.  Each donor gets a $20 Gift Card and will be screened for COVID-19 Antibodies

Signup at asburyraleigh.org/blood

Dive into scripture asbury raleigh

Dive Into Scripture in 2021

The Bible is full of hidden gems waiting to be uncovered. In this 5 week series you will learn how to uncover those precious truths and hear God speak to you in practical ways, together as part of the Asbury community. We will start from square one, no Bible knowledge is needed, and through learning the inductive method of studying Scripture, you will be able to:

  • - more fully understanding any passage—what it says, what it meant to its original audience, and what it means today
  • - allow Scripture to reveal itself, to speak on its own terms in ways that overcome our limitations and presuppositions
  • allow the Bible to surprise us, challenge us, comfort us, or correct us
  • learn with your head and follow with your heart (not just an intellectual exercise, but a whole person experience)

Contact Wendy or Pastor Jen at the Church Office to get the Zoom information!

Garden Plot Registration Open

We have 44 total plots for the 2021 Community Garden! We are accepting reservations on a rolling basis to have you and your family be a part of our garden's mission. By joining in the garden project, you agree to help end local hunger by donating at least 50% of your plot's harvest to our community partners. You can reserve a half (5ft x 10ft - $25) or a full plot (5ft x 20ft - $50).

Questions? Contact Brenda Roy Ready to Claim your Plot? www.asburyraleigh.org/gardenplot