Planning for Leaving Your Legacy

Wednesday Nights in November in North Raleigh

Starting at 7pm


End of Life Walkthrough

Are you prepared to leave the legacy you want for your family?

Too many families are caught by surprise during the loss of a loved one.  What were their medical wishes? What were there wishes for special items?  What were their hopes for the financial beneficiaries? 


You're invited to spend the month of November getting organized and making decisions to be sure your family doesn't need to wonder or worry when you're in heaven.  


This course will invite in professionals to help with decisions and discussions. By December, you'll have the ability to have the paperwork in process that you desire as you plan to leave your legacy.  

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When and where is the class?

Wednesday nights - 7-8:30 at Asbury Church (6612 Creedmoor Road).  We'll let you know the specific room based on enrollment.

What does the course cover? 

We'll cover everything from medical to financial, wills to funerals.... You decide the level of detail you want to leave during the classes and can customize every piece of our time together to your needs.  

Who is teaching the course?

Lori Huber, who has been in nursing for 50 years and walked alongside many families who were unprepared, will help to facilitate.  She brings in great professionals for funerals, finance, and other aspects to ensure a well rounded course where you'll get the best information.


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