We believe that life is best lived in community. Where we surrounded ourselves with meaningful relationships. That’s where Life Groups come in. This is where we do life together. A place where you are known by others and encouraged in your faith. Let’s face it, your faith needs a friend.

What is a LifeGroup?

Life Groups are a place where we commit to do life together. They typically consist of 10-16 people who commit to spending 12 months together.  Each group varies on meeting length, child care, food, and start time but a typical group meeting will include social time, studies that encourage members to grow spiritually and prayer.

When do LifeGroups start?

We tend to kickoff new groups in January or September, but many groups are open to new participants throughout the year.  

Where do LifeGroups meet?

We have groups that meet all throughout the North Raleigh area and on different nights of the week in homes, apartments, restaurants, coffee shops, or on the Asbury Campus. 

What about my kids?

Our goal is to remove obstacles that may hinder your participation. We believe life is better connected so we provide childcare reimbursement for parents attending LifeGroups.  We view it as an investment in you and your family.


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