Consecration Sunday at Asbury

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:17

All the gifts we are blessed with come from God and as an act of worship we respond to God's gifts with gratitude and thanksgiving. Our greatest thanks to God is by being good stewards of all his gifts to us.  This year, we’ll focus on the stewardship of our time, talents, treasure, and temple.  Join us in discovering the joy of growing in your relationship with God and living generously in all four of these areas.

How do you give?

This Year's Focus: What Would Happen If....?

God does not want our leftovers: God desires our best. This fall, we will look at how we can be our best for God in a variety of ways- and dream about what would happen if we acted and trusted as His people. In our decision to follow Jesus and live as his disciple, trusting and acting is a given.  But with the busyness of life and the bulls of this world, it's a hard ask. 


  • Time - How do we spend our time? Examine how we spend our time and reflect on the amount of time we give to God.
  • Abilities - God has given each of us gifts. All of them are important and needed to help build up God’s Kingdom and His church.
  • Trusting God - We are to trust God with EVERYTHING we have. 

    Giving Generously - Everything we have comes from God. The Bible says we reap what we sow. What are we reaping and what are we sowing?

Why give to Asbury Church?

Here's how our General Fund Giving breaks down between ministry areas:

  • Worship & Music - 13.2% - For music, communion, technology, livestreaming, and all that goes in to our weekly worship experiences.
  • Outreach - 24.6% - Includes support of missions locally and globally and evangelism efforts in North Raleigh and beyond 
  • Family Ministry - 18.1% - Supporting Kids, Students, and their families
  • Adult Ministry - 15.9% - Includes LifeGroups, RightNowMedia, Events, and other support for our congregation
  • Office & Admin - 13.1% - Everything that keeps the church going from printing, security, bookkeeping, and more!
  • Facilities - 15.1% - Keeping God's house in amazing shape to host Asbury and community groups and events including worship, LifeGroups, studies, preschool, scouts, and community partnerships like theatre productions and Camp Gladiator.

What Should I Do Next?

Pray for God's direction as you complete your commitment card

Deepen your practice of gratitude and generosity (the sermon series helps do just that!)

Consider giving a systematic percentage of your income with the goal of leveling up each year

Pray about new ways God is calling you to serve

FAQs for Commitment Cards

What is a Commitment Card?

At Asbury, Commitment Cards are ways to make your commitment to God and the Church concrete - writing specific ways you plan to give generously over the next year.  We offer both digital forms and printed forms (mailed and available on campus) for your convenience. 

What if my finances change after I pledged?

Just let us know - or don't!  While we use the pledges for planning purposes, we do not follow up when someone's giving is different than they had pledged.  

Why talk about money and stewardship?

Our generosity is a large part of our spiritual journey - and Asbury is here to support all aspects of the growth of all who worship here!  Jesus spoke openly and often about commitment, money, time, and generosity.  This is an outward expression of our inward faith and trust as stewards of what God has given us.