8:30am Outdoor Worship

In the season of COVID, Asbury Church's largest worship service is outdoors!  No registration needed, just bring your chairs, blankets, coffee, and friends to enjoy a few songs and the sermon to start your day!

9:30am Contemporary Worship

Our Contemporary Service has a full praise band onstage to lead us in worship.  This service is also livestreamed on the website and Facebook Live. 

11:00am Traditional Worship

Our traditional service offers piano, liturgy, and hymns and meets in our South Sanctuary.

All In

Sermon Series September 26-October 17

All In – God does not want our leftovers: God desires our best. This fall, we will look at how we can be our best for God in a variety of ways- how we can be All In as His people. In our decision to follow Jesus and live as his disciple, All In is a given. But with the busyness of life and the bulls of this world, it's a hard ask. God desires us to be All In with "Four Ts" which are our time, talents, treasure, and our temple. You're invited to be All In this fall and in the upcoming year so we can build up God's Kingdom in North Raleigh and around the world. Come each week to see how we can be “all in” for Jesus in our daily lives.

Ways to be All In: 

  • Time – How do we spend our time?  Today we will examine how we spend our time and reflect on the amount of time we give to God.
  • Talents – God has given each of us gifts.  All of them are important and needed to help build up God’s Kingdom and His church.
  • Treasure – Everything we have comes from God. The Bible says we reap what we sow.  What are we reaping and what are we sowing?
  • Temple – The Bible tells us we are God’s temple where His spirit dwells and we should take care of our temples so we can be all in. 

Week One: Time - September 26th

Scripture       Ephesians 5:15-17

Message        Time Is Of The Essence

Time: Time is one of God’s greatest gifts.  How do we spend our time?  Today we will examine how we spend our time and reflect on the amount of time we give to God.  We are called to use our time faithfully, and to do all we can to build up God’s Kingdom.  While we must certainly do the things necessary for our own well-being and keep ourselves from being a burden to others as much as we are able, we should also at all times consider our spiritual needs and the needs of others.  Come as we consider how we can be “All In” on our walk of faith with our time.

1.      What do you spend most of your time doing?

2.      How much of your time do you devote to God?

3.      Do you feel you need to reprioritize your time?  If yes, what could you change?

4.      What can you do this week to help you feel better about how you spend your time?

Week Two: Talents - October 3rd

Scripture       1 Peter 4:10-11

Message        Let's Make God Famous

Talents: Jesus’ second greatest commandment is to love one another.  That means we are all called to live a life of Christian service.  Today our scripture suggests as we serve we glorify God.  Come and join us as we explore ways we can serve and the impact these can have on God’s Kingdom.  Let us commit to make God famous and be All In by our words and actions.   

1.    What do you do to be a servant of Jesus Christ?

2.    What makes serving difficult?

3.    What are the benefits of Christian Service?

4.    What is one thing you can do to support the church by serving?

5.    How is one way you can serve beyond the church walls to glorify our God?

Week Three: Treasure - October 10th

Scripture       2 Corinthians 9:6-11

Message        Shovel Theology

Treasure: Jesus said that where your treasure is where your heart will be also. Where is our treasure? How do we use the resources God has given to us? Come join us as we reflect on how we can be all in for God and experience more blessing from Him.

1. Giving is a reminder that we are to be good managers of what God has blessed us with. What happens when we start acting like “owners” instead of “managers?”

2. The Bible is clear that we need to tithe (give 10 %) to the church (not part to church and part to other places). How do you feel or what do you think about that?

3. Read Malachi 3:6-10. How do you feel when God talks about people robbing Him? Have you tested Him in this? What has been the results? What does storehouse mean to you? What does “pour out so much blessing” mean to you? How do we get that blessing? If you tithe, reflect on blessing you feel you have received from it.

4. Giving is a reminder that we are to be good managers of what God has blessed us with. What happens when we start acting like “owners” instead of “managers?”

5.Discuss a time when you were able to meet another person’s financial need. Did that act of giving change

you? If so, how?

6. Read II Corinthians 9:7 - Have you ever given reluctantly or out of guilt? Why isn’t God interested in this kind of giving? What is the connection between our hearts and our giving?

7. Has giving been a way of praising and worshiping God for you personally? Why or why not? If so, how has it brought you closer to God?

8. It has been said that giving faithfully is not a money issue. It is a faith issue? Why is it so hard to trust God to keep His promises?

Week Three: Temple - October 17th

Scripture       I Corinthians 6:19-20

Message        The Temple of God

Temple: The New Testament talks about the importance of caring for our bodies and refers to them as the temple of God.  If we are going to be All In for God we need to wrestle with taking care of our bodies.  Join us as we explore the temple which is the last of the 4 T’s that help us commit more fully to our relationship with God.   Will we strive to be All In for God in 2022.

1. How is your body the foundation of your life and ministry?

2. What are the things in your life that make you worried, anxious, stressed, or burdened?

3. Read Galatians 5:19-21.  What desires of the flesh do you struggle with regularly?  How often should we confess our sin before God?

4. How are eating habits healthy?  How are you eating habits unhealthy?

5. What is Sabbath rest?  How do you live out Sabbath rest and how do you fall short of living out Sabbath rest?

6. How do you get regular exercise?  What can you do to improve your physical activity?